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Terms & Conditions

The provider agrees to have to the photo booth operational for the full time period
of the package agreed and allowing time for any necessary maintenance of the
photo booth to take place (e.g. restocking paper & ink).

A £99 or £49 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking the photo booth in
order to secure the selected date (Please note £49 deposit was only available during the Covid-19 lockdown).
The remaining balance is due within the 14 days
prior to the event. If the photo booth is requested to be used in excess of selected
time period the additional time will be billed to the customer at £50 per hour.
Payment for any additional time required must be paid before any additional hours
are provided.

The customer will arrange for an appropriate sized space near a power supply for the photo booth at the event venue. A small table is also required if the customer has chosen the option to have a guest book.

The customer acknowledges that they are responsible for any damage or theft of the provider’s photo booth and equipment caused by any misuse by the customer or guests. The customer is also responsible for any cost of replacing damaged equipment within 30 days of receiving the invoice which clearly lists the damaged equipment and cost of replacement.

Any cancellation, date or venue change must be brought to the provider’s attention in writing at least 30 days prior of the original date. Change is subject to photo booth availability. If there is no availability for the new date the deposit will be forfeited and booking cancelled. Any cancellation will result in any deposit payment made to be forfeited.

The above terms and conditions are there to help your event run smoothly.
If you have any concerns or queries please do feel free to contact us.
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